22. June 2024
Base Take-Over
Some griefers might destroy a door to take over a house, sometimes even ransoming the code back to the original owner.

Expansion Blocking
Placing tool cupboards around a player’s base to prevent them from expanding or rebuilding their base.

Building Around a Base
Griefers might build structures around your base in hopes that you’ll vacate the area or find it difficult to gather resources.

Sealing Entrances Post-Raid
After raiding a base, a griefer might seal off entrances to make the base inaccessible to the original owner.

Destruction of Essential Infrastructure
Destroying the only stairwell in a base and sealing it off, making many sections of the base inaccessible.

Misleading players about the ownership of a base to divert a raid to another player.

Laying Traps
Surrounding a player’s base with auto-turrets to trap them inside or using other forms of traps to cause inconvenience or death.

Door Camping
A simple but effective method of harassment just by waiting outside of a victim’s door waiting for them to come out to then be shot.

Deployable Removal
Either entirely destroying a player’s deployables such as large furnaces, refineries, and more as well as stealing helicopters/horses/etc.

Stream Sniping
Players who watch someone stream, find out what server they’re on, and use that to their advantage to annoy, kill, or otherwise impact the streamer’s abilities to play the game normally.

Source: Lone Design
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